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Eric Schmidt Lays Out Google's Ten Golden Rules

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Google CEO Eric Schmidt, along with co-author UC Berkeley professor Hal Varian,, has written: "Google's Ten Golden Rules" for Newsweek on getting the most out of knowledge workers. Google's 10 Golden Rules are:

  1. Hire by committee
  2. Cater to their every need
  3. Pack them in
  4. Make coordination easy
  5. Eat your own dog food
  6. Encourage creativity
  7. Strive to reach consensus
  8. Don't be evil (Note: we knew it had to be there somewhere)
  9. Data drive decisions
  10. Communicate effectively

Obviously, the article has a bit of discussion about each rule. I'm going to take some time to analyze. More later. I also wouldn't doubt that Danny and Chris will also share some thoughts later on. Thanks to Greg Linden for the news tip (Greg also has a few thoughts from previous posts that he includes).

I would love to read other search CEO's share their golden rules. I wonder if Semel, Berkowitz, Gates/Ballmer, and even the leaders of smaller engines are already working on their lists. How do they compare.

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