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Jux2 Returns!

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Jux2 the metasearch/comparative search engine that won our Best Meta Search Engine site in the 5th Annual Search Engine Awards, is back online and fully functioning after being sold in October on eBay for over $100,000.

It's original developers sold the site after they ran out of time and finances to keep he site going. Currently, the site is registered to b-swing inc. in Minneapolis.

I've also noticed that Firefox plugin is now available.

Sure, Jux2 can be used as a meta search tool (searching Google, Yahoo, and Ask Jeeves) but I like to use it as a comparison tool to quickly identify what one engine offers versus the others. With the tabs listed at the top of a results page you can easily identify the results that are unique to each engine (10 results at a time).

It would be very useful if Jux2 would also allow the searches to run comparisons looking at let's say the first 50 or 100 results at a time. Also, how about adding MSN Search to the mix?

The Jux2 blog has more including why Jux2 was purchased but no company name is provided.

Welcome back, Jux2.

Postscript: The return of Jux2 also comes at a good time because from what we've learned from reader Dan G. and noticed ourselves, another comparison tool (that we like a lot), has not been functioning properly for more than two weeks. Thumbshots compared 100 results at a time in a graphical format. Chris wrote about it here. SearchDay has also offered a look at a Dogpile search results comparison tool and Danny has written positive comments about DoubleTrust.

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