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AOL Releases List of 2005's Top Search Terms

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I mentioned yesterday that the "Top Searches of 2005" season was underway with the release of a top terms from Lycos. Today, it's AOL's turn with their compilation of top searches on AOL Search.

Here's the Overall Top 10:
1. Lottery
2. Horoscopes
3. Tattoos
4. Lyrics
5. Ringtones
6. IRS
7. Jokes
8. American Idol
9. Hairstyles

Interesting to see lottery and IRS both in the Top 10. (-;

The rest of the AOL page top searches is divided into 20 more categories. Here are a few "number ones" in various categories:

+ Top People: Paris Hilton (Ms. Hilton was the nunber one search overall on Lycos). I really want to rant right now but it's not worth it.

+ Top Person Under 21: Lindsay Lohan

+ Top Person Over 40: Oparah Winfrey
Howard Stern at number 2.
Wow, I now qualify for this category. (-:

+ Top Video Searches: Fifty Cent
Paris Hilton comes in at number two.

+ Top Song: We Belong Together- Mariah Carey
Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl" is at number 2.

+ Top Gadgets? Here's the full list:
1. iPods
2. Cell Phones
3. Playstation 3
4. Xbox 360
5. MP3 Players
6. XM Radio
7. Laptops
8. Palm Pilots
9. Sirius Radio
I just got my new portable S50. Very cool but I've also learned that purchasing some
first generation tech has issues.
10. GPS Devices

Want More?
As I said at the beginning of the post this collection of top searches is divided into 21 categories. So, have some fun, take a look, and then do some browsing and debating (or blogging, if you need to vent).

Thanks to Andy at Marketing Pilgrim for the news tip.

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