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Have You Been Googleshanked?

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I had dinner with Allan Dick of Vintage Tub & Bath last week at SES Chicago. Allan's a great guy, an attendee who turned into a moderator and creator of some interesting unique sessions we do at the show. He's also a great storyteller, and he recounted how he felt with Google over the past year or so like the character seemingly without hope from The Shawshank Redemption. The Googleshank Redemption on his blog tells his tale of being Googleshanked and regaining hope afterward.

Googleshanked? Despite his efforts, feeling he was in the right, a sense of being wronged, he ultimately was powerless to correct his Google troubles. No appeal, no shorter prison term. Googleshanked.

Despite his Googleshankyness, Allan found his redemption, learning to move past his despair and accept that which could not be changed.

After reading the post, be sure to move on to lighter subjects on his blog. Is that all-in-one sink/toilet cool or what?

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