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Purchase Items and/or Compare Prices With Your Mobile Phone or Device

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Bob Tedeschi's article in the New York Times: Those Born to Shop Can Now Use Cellphones, takes a look at how eBay, Amazon, and others are allowing shoppers to purchase items via their mobile phone or device.

Along with services where you can buy items directly from your phone, numerous mobile search services allow users to obtain comparison pricing info. Examples include:
+ Froogle (via SMS)
+ PriceGrabber
+ (via SMS)
+ Synfonic (Gas Price Comparison info)
+ UpSnap
+ Yahoo Shopping for Mobile

Not only can mobile phones and devices offer you the opportunity to purchase items from eBay or and compare prices with Froogle or Yahoo Shopping but it's also becoming increasingly easy to check airline schedules, change your travel itinerary etc. Examples include:
+ Northwest Airlines
+ British Airways released a mobile interface in 2005 that lets you book a car from your phone. The very popular and useful, also has a mobile version

Another area of mobile commerce gaining steam is the purchasing of non-travel tickets from your phone. Examples include:
+ Fandango

As mobile data becomes ever more popular, look for more commerce opportunities to follow.

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