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Klipmart Unleashes Shaggy Dog Ad with Web-Only Footage


Entertainment companies and TV advertisers have been mulling over the idea of shooting video exclusively for the Web for years. It's still pretty rare, but it looks like Disney dipped its toe (or should I say its paw?) in the water to promote its remake of The Shaggy Dog. Streaming video ad firm, Klipmart, has produced a 728 x 300 banner that when expanded upon rollover launches video shot exclusively for the ad. The campaign launched last week in conjunction with the theatrical release of the flick.

As if the image of The Shaggy Dog with Tim Allen's eyes isn't creepy enough, the ad allows users to "Shaggify" themselves, morphing their own uploaded photos with the canine character.

Sounds like a chimera. Does George Bush know about this?

According to the Klipmart release, "In any given week, Klipmart produces online ad units for from 4 to 6 of the top box office grossing films."

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