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Get Your SEW Subscribed Link For Google & Resources On Making Them

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Doing some searching over at Google and want to keep up on the latest search news? Now you can, direct from us. After struggling with the instructions, I've finally got a subscribed link working for Search Engine Watch. You'll find it here. Just add that link to your own profile, and you're good to go.

Currently, the subscribed link brings back custom news headlines about search for the following queries:

Hopefully later, I'll find time to post some instructions explaining what I did, which may help others get going who aren't programmers (I'm certainly not). But if you use a Movable Type blog, here's our source XML content that we give to Google. Many people who play with Movable Type tags should be able to understand from the code how I'm generating a top three list for various categories on our blog without using any programming. There's definitely better ways to do this and trigger more automated creation, but this is working for me now.

I hope to expand the list soon, especially to broad match so that if you did a search for something like "google information," our headlines would still kick in. Unfortunately, all the regular expression attempts I've tried based on Google's instructions have failed, such as:


I'm sending them a note to see if I can get that part cleared up more.

Meanwhile, congrats to Barry for being among the first new additions to the Google Subscribed Links Directory. I'm also going to return with some more information on how you might get in, from talking with Google during my visit there yesterday.

Here's the short answer. Get a subscribed link up NOW! Make it something dynamic -- not just a "Hello World" implementation but something useful. Submit it to Google and promote it to everyone you know. Fingers crossed, if it's something that helps spotlight how subscribed links work and you're showing good sign-ups, that will increase the odds of getting in.

Need more help? Google's got a new list of resources just posted. It's sparse at the moment but will grow.

Want to spread the word about your new subscribed link? We have an unofficial guide to subscribed links going here on our Search Engine Watch Forums: Unofficial Google Subscribed Links List.

That guide is listed off the Google resource list above, so people will be checking it out. Get yourself added to the list or post subscribed links you've found!

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