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Daily SearchCast, June 16, 2006: Bill Gates Stepping Back At Microsoft; Eric Schmidt Speaks On Google Issues; Google Gets Dayparting & More!

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Today's search podcast covers Microsoft chairman Bill Gates giving up his chief software architect role and going part time in two years; Google CEO Eric Schmidt talking on big issues; Yahoo damned over censorship in China (but were six queries a fair test?); Riya shifts focus to web image search; makes it easier to see your search results and more!

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Below are links to items discussed:

  • Bill Gates To Work Part Time at Microsoft in 2008
    Tons and tons of news coverage on Bill Gates's announcement he has given up his "chief software architect" role now and will be stepping down to be a part time employee and chairman in July 2008. Gates would like to spend more time working on his charitable foundation the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The BBC has a nice Q&A on the changes here....
  • MSN's Hand Crafted Results (Fake? - Shame On Me!)
  • Schmidt Talks On Staying In China, GBuy & More
    Conde Nast Portfolio, a new business magazine out next year, landed a nice coup of having Eric Schmidt speak yesterday at its launch party (Schmidt's also apparently set to be one of the first profiles in the new magazine). The video of the interview is online here, covering mostly stuff you've already heard Schmidt say before in other interviews (the LA Times had one last week) over the past years. But here are some things worth highlighting to me....
  • Yahoo China Highest Censorship Enforcing
    Wired News reports that Yahoo China is the strictest at censoring out politically sensitive results when compared to Google China and MSN China. Reporters Without Borders, an advocacy group, conducted tests by querying ten "politically-sensitive keywords" including ?press freedom? or ?human rights." Editors & Publisher adds the group found Yahoo's censorship was shocking, for example, as when a keyword search on "subversive" brought back 97% pro-Beijing results. More from Reporters Without Borders is here, explaining how six keywords were tested and the first ten results analyzed....
  • Riya To Expand Into Web Image Search
    SiliconBeat reports that Riya will expand to a web image search service. Currently, Riya allows you to upload a photo, define the photo as matching a particular person and then it tries to scan other photos to figure out if other photos in your collecton match that person, using face recognition. Riya is expanding that to match images of almost anything on the web. In other words, if I am looking to buy a big blue pineapple chair (love that chair) and I have an image of the one I like, Riya will scan the web for similar images of...
  • That guy with Larry and Sergey...wossname...the President

  • AdWords Ad Scheduling Officially Launches
    Google AdWords officially launched their new ad scheduling, enabling advertisers the ability to schedule the appearance of their ads based on both time of day and day of the week. This new feature, which competes with dayparting that Microsoft AdCenter has had since their beta launch, was released worldwide to all advertisers across 40+ languages....
  • Google Slaps Booble
  • Google Adds Support For Greek & Bulgarian To AdSense For Search
    The Inside AdSense blog announced that they have added support for Greek and Bulgarian languages in AdSense for search. So if you have a site in those languages, you can add the Google search box from your AdSense control panel and earn some euros or some Bulgarian lev. More details at Greek AdSense and Bulgarian AdSense....
  • JenSense
  • Yahoo To Reduce Search Ad Minimum Bid In UK To 5p?
    I reported this morning at the Search Engine Roundtable that Yahoo may be reducing the minimum bid price from 10p to 5p. A WebmasterWorld member claimed to read the news in Interactive magazine that Yahoo will be reducing the minimum bid due to competition from Microsoft....
  • Google Analytics Launches Blog
    Google Analytics has launched the Google Analytics Blog to provide product update news, bug fixes, and probably some how to posts....
  • More Real Estate Search Engines & Sites
    There were many interesting responses to the Real Estate Roundups that appeared in Search Day earlier this week (part II) and last week (part I). Most of the feedback called attention to other sites or features that had not been mentioned in those two articles. Of course, there are far more real estate sites than can be discussed in 1,100 words, so I had to leave out many interesting sites. (Some were excluded because I simply was unaware of them.)...
  • SEO Roadshow Copenhagen Sept. 23rd
    Dave Naylor just announced the dates for the next SEO Roadshow. The event is to take place on Saturday 23rd of September 2006 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The hotel is called First Hotel Vesterbro, and the start time of the event is at 1PM until the crowd breaks down. These events are always nice, even though I can never make it to them. I believe Danny has attended some in the past and he enjoyed them :)...
  • Search Engine Strategies
  • Search Bash 2006
  • Gets Ask Results, Toolbar
    I mentioned how useful was back in October, making it easy for those with low vision to see things more clearly thanks to its big fonts. Brad Haugaard, the project manager over there, dropped a note to say there's been some changes to improve the service. What's new? Results now come from Ask, rather than LookSmart. There's been a general facelift all around. And there's a new Big Toolbar for Internet Explorer to let you make any page look bigger -- perhaps even those from the major search engines. When I looked at Big last time, I found none...
  • Most Searched For Famous Dads
    Father's Day is coming up this Sunday and AOL has compiled a list of the most searched for famous dads. Here is a list on the most popular dads on AOL Search based on searches from May 21 through June 10: 1 Brad Pitt 2 Chris Daughtry 3 Howard Stern 4 Allen Iverson 5 Eminem 6 50 Cent 7 Daddy Yankee 8 Paul McCartney 9 Elvis Presley 10 George Bush...

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