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WOM Heats Up for Global Warming Flick


I just received an e-mail from a friend urging me in the strongest terms to see the new Al Gore movie "An Inconvenient Truth." To wit: "This movie really does a great job at explaining how and why global warming is happening. I believe that every single person on this planet should see this movie. If we don't start making changes now, we are in for a climate catastrophe - in our lifetime. Seriously. This is not an exaggeration - it is reality. It's almost too big to fully understand. It's terrifying. But we can do something about it."

After reading a recent Berkeley Daily Planet story, which described how high school kids were creating posters promoting the movie and putting them up in vacant store windows, I thought... "Wow... serious word of mouth!"

It's like the liberal version of the grassroots groundswell that propelled "The Passion of the Christ" to become such a hit.

Judging from my exchange with my e-mailing friend, these expressions of support aren't orchestrated, but the film's Web site,, definitely provides plenty of material for those of a mind to spread the word.

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