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Search Headlines & Links: July 25, 2006

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Below, a recap of stories posted today to the Search Engine Watch Blog, along with other items we've spotted but not blogged separately:

From The SEW Blog...

  • Daily SearchCast, July 25, 2006: Report Says Google's Click Fraud Practices "Reasonable;" Few Opposed Proposed Google Click Fraud Settlement; Tracking Packages Via Search; Getting Real-Time Traffic Info & More!
    Today's search podcast covers an independent report finding Google's click fraud practices to be "reasonable," few object to Google's proposed click fraud settlement; Google's "wow" versus Yahoo's "consistency" in terms of product development; tracking packages via search engines; getting live traffic reports via maps and more!
  • The Abridged Version: Independent Report On Google's Click Fraud Detection Practices
    Last Friday, an independent report on how Google deals with click fraud was published as part of the ongoing Lane's Gifts v. Google class action lawsuit over click fraud. To my knowledge, it is the most comprehensive, detailed public look into how Google deals with click fraud that's ever come out. It finds that Google's efforts to combat the issue have been reasonable, though there are some eyebrow raising bits on how the author only finds the situation was in control by the end of 2005 and how it's impossible to fully know whether some clicks are invalid -- and...
  • Detailed Look into the Google AdWords Landing Page Algo
    The Google AdWords landing page algo changes this month have resulted in many advertisers sitting up and thinking about quality issues beyond their ad copy, and looking more closely at their landing pages. I caught up with Google to get specifics on how the algo works, including just how they decided what made a good landing page versus what didn't when they created their algo. I also have ten best practices for advertisers needing to improve landing page quality. The full length SEW subscribers article is here. A shorter (but free!) version is here. Want to share your own best...
  • Real-Time Traffic From Google Maps Mobile
    Google Maps has rolled out a new mobile version offering real-time traffic information in 30 US cities. The service also offers directions designed for those who are walking, in addition to driving....
  • Yahoo Invests In Social Search Research
    Reuters reports Yahoo hired Dr. Raghu Ramakrishnan, as vice president and Yahoo research fellow. Dr. Ramakrishnan is a well-respect database expert who has joined Yahoo to study "links between computer and human-aided Web search." Honestly, I am excited what this can potentially mean for social search. Yahoo has so many properties that can be tightly integrated with social search; Flickr,, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Video, web search, desktop search, Yahoo Groups and so on....
  • Librarians And Google: Tips Of The Trade
    Google attended the ALA Conference in New Orleans and produced a video entitled Tips of the Trade together with some additional text only tips from librarians and other information professionals. It's a shame that Google limited participation to American librarians, but it was explained to me that there would have been technical and legal problems with filming librarians from other countries (though that doesn't explain why they couldn't have added in anecdotes from them; a lovely opportunity to draw together and share global experiences). However this is perhaps carping; it's good to see a search engine (other than Ask who...
  • Yahoo & Symantec To Offer "New Security Offerings" reports that Symantec and Yahoo will be announcing a "new security offering" sometime today. says this partnership will "improve online security for consumers." But honestly, I have no more details. Is it email focused? Web search focused? Is it desktop focused? We don't know as of yet. So stay tuned....
  • SuperPages Buys Inceptor
    As reported in ClickZ today, SuperPages, which is itself up for sale, has acquired SEM firm Inceptor for an undisclosed amount. Verizon has been the most forward thinking and acting of the yellow pages publishers when it comes to offering performance-based products and leveraging search. This acquisition gives SuperPages more range in what it can offer and how the company can implement it -- and brings that cost in house. For more on this deal see my blog post....
  • Daily SearchCast, July 21, 2006: Google's Great Second Quarter Results; MSN Revenue Down; RSS Feeds For Ask Smart Answers And Google Base Results & More!
    Friday's search podcast covers Google's great second quarter results; MSN's revenues decline; Windows Live Local deserving a second look; RSS feeds for Ask Smart Answers and Google Base results and more!

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