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Big Brands: Do You Know What Wikipedia Saying About You Via Google?

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Steve Rubel produced a small study on the top 100 advertisers, according to AdAge, to see where in the Google rankings does the brand's Wikipedia entry fall. For example, a search on the well-known automobile brand Chevrolet shows a Wikipedia entry for them at the number four result. What that Wikipedia entry says about your company can have a huge impact on your brand, given that Google will be driving traffic to Wikipedia. The study showed that the Wikipedia entry listed in the Google results for the top 100 brands, on average was at position 11. But Steve Rubel explains that many of those brands have listings within the top 10 and some even the top 5 for their brand name.

Steve explains that if you have a lot of domain names for your company, then the Wikipedia entry will most likely be pushed down the results. Also, he said Yahoo, MSN and Ask all have similar responses, but they are not documented in his study. He finally links and summarized an article named Your Brand on Wikipedia.

FYI - this is part of online reputation management.

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