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Urchin Founder Talks About Google Analytics

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Eric Enge of Stone Temple Consulting has just posted an interview with Google Analytics' Brett Crosby. Crosby came to Google via its acquisition of Urchin in March 2005.

Crosby shares Google Analytics' philosophy of building a scalable product with minimal service needs, and delegating professional services duties to partners. He also shares the good things about being acquired by Google: free food, access to technology, and learning Google's secret plans for world domination (at least those are the kinds of secrets we imagine he's talking about). On the downside, apparently there's a whole lot of e-mail going on at Google, and they actually expect employees to answer it. Maybe that's why they have so little time to answer e-mail from outsiders?

Crosby also lists the biggest issues facing analytics providers in 2007:
* Trackability issues resulting from blocked cookies and Javascript
* Tracking rich Internet applications, like AJAX, where pageviews are meaningless
* Developing tracking methods for mobile
* Scaling the human side of data analysis -- getting the right information to the right people so they can take action

He also shares Google's plans for integrating outside data into Google Analytics, thoughts on latent conversions, and more.

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