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blinkx Launches Video Widget for Integrating Video Into Websites

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blinkx which uses speech-to-text transcription to index online video content, now has available a new widget "blinkx it" that will allow a user to embed code to display video streams in a blog or website. This new widget allows users to add contextually relevant video to almost any page. Code and configurations are available for Blogger and Xanga, as well as instructions for how to add Blinkx it to most sites.

With the widget in place, “blinkx it” will retrieve results based on the text it finds on the URL. If the website changes, “blinkx it” will retrieve the most relevant results for the new page. By embedding the “blinkx it” widget on a blog template “blinkx it” will automatically generate a list of related videos for every blog post. The widget works by reading the text of each individual post and finding videos that are about the same topic. For example if you blog about the Super Bowl “blinkx it” will find and display videos relating to it. Change topic to gardening in the next post and so too will the videos offered for that post.

Right now this is a neat feature for enhancing blogs and web sites with video content, but this sure looks and feels like a base for offering contextual advertising for video.

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