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Divvio - Web Content Program Guide

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Music, video and so much rich media exists online but organising it for easy access has always been a hurdle. The bookmarking sites have tried, MySpace offers a little help and the myriad of other social media are all trying to improve the experience.

Enter Divvio - the "TV Guide of the web" - a service now in beta. It allows you to personalise lists of content for easy access and to optimise your use of the web.

Divvio Chairman and CEO Hossein Eslambolchi is the former CTO at AT&T. He has raised more than $3 million in angel money so far.

The site is only supported in Explorer right now, but the home page announces FireFox support will be added soon.

The site allows you to create channels of content and to share them with others. Basically they are bookmarks to the content that can be pulled and played on the software at Divvio.

The platform also has the ability to work in advertising, so the potential of customising ads to viewers will be an added plus as the site develops.

"Divvio is an exciting new company that will keep you plugged into your interests. By creating personal channels, you'll receive the most relevant video and audio for you. Wake up to fresh content served every day!

Today, Divvio is learning about the preferences of its users through a unique patent-pending technology, which will soon enable Divvio to provide intelligent recommendations based on your personal profile and viewing habits. Divvio will deliver premium, popular, and hard-to-find content, customized exactly for you. Divvio is crawling the web and adding tens of thousands of multimedia links to its index daily" the site informs us.

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