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Ingenio and Medio Developing Pay Per Call Mobile Search

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Ingenio and Medio announced a partnership to develop Pay Per Call for the mobile market in a press release today.

"Mobile search is a unique advertising platform where advertisers can reach consumers who are actively looking for their services and ready to transact at that moment," said Omar Tawakol, Chief Advertising Officer for Medio Systems. "Pay Per Call is aligned with our vision because it surfaces specific content — in this case, the phone number of a relevant merchant, like a taxi or locksmith service — and gives the mobile consumer immediate access to that advertiser with a click of a button, no cell-phone Web surfing required."

"Today's announcement builds on Ingenio's momentum in the mobile space, and demonstrates how effective the Pay Per Call ad model is at both enabling and monetizing mobile search," said Marc Barach, chief marketing officer, Ingenio. "Recent studies have shown that the most valuable ads are those that are highly targeted to a consumer's real-time needs. Search-based ad models like Pay Per Call capitalize on this by showcasing advertisers as relevant, local content."

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