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Mastering Yahoo Panama

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When Yahoo Panama launched in the U.S., some Wall St. analysts practically cheered at the arrival of the much anticipated but oft-delayed ad buying platform.

The Big Question: did any of them kick the tires?

Most search marketers don't care whether Panama generates more revenue and higher profits for Yahoo. Search marketers care how quickly they can master the nuances of a new platform. Can they optimize campaigns more effectively? Can Yahoo Panama generate more revenue and profit for their corporate clients?

Mona Elesseily, internet marketing strategist with Page Zero Media, just published an informative user's guide that answers the above questions and more. It's called "Mastering Panama", available through the Page Zero Media store.

Before marketers complain about the cost ($87 USD), consider the amount of time and research invested by a search professional to kick the tires on Panama. Elesseily's handbook benefits from her experience with real, live campaigns for real clients. Plus, she's done extensive research and in-depth interviews with Panama engineers and executives.

"Mastering Panama" boasts 87 magazine-sized pages filled with screenshots, callouts for helpful hints, specific action items, and even warnings about using content match.

There are lots of ways to learn about search marketing: tradeshows, conferences, workshops, online tutorials, SEMPO's extensive curriculum. But it's tough to find an authoritative

Criticisms? Only minor ones. More direct comparison with Google and MSN Ad Center would make a nice addition. Some readers might accuse Elesseily of at times cheerleading for Panama. Other search marketers may debate the strategy and tactics she recommends.

They'll all have to agree on one thing:

She's put it out there and put it in writing. Check it out.

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