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SES Wit and Wisdom: The Don of Marketing

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Opening Keynote this afternoon: Don E. Schultz, Professor (Emeritus-in-Service), Integrated Marketing Communications, Northwestern University & President of Agora, Inc.

Some quick hits from a conversation I had with the Don (not The Donald). If not yet the godfather of search marketing, he's definitely our HL Mencken. Brilliant, funny, brutally honest. His quotes: audience food for thought and candid questions.

Here's Don on Truth, Knowledge, and the American Way:

Search destroyer: "All marketing theory is based on a push marketplace. Marketers develop material and messages to push out faster, in more volume. What does the search model do? Destroys the push model. I, as a consumer, can go anywhere I want online."

How to fix traditional marketing models: "Blow 'em up and start over."

Biggest marketing problem: "Measuring campaigns separately and independently. TV versus radio versus newspaper versus online. The premise is consumers only doing one thing at time. We don't have any ways to measure multitasking behavior."

How marketing problems are solved: "There are lots of people throwing lots of money at it with no clue."

Jack Welch: "The era of Welch may be over. Leaders aren't pioneers who won the West. There's a leveling of leadership and much more interaction."

Social networks: "Social networks are there to certify and validate: I am here. I am alive. I am part of a group. I perform as part of a system."

Mobile Search: "We've defined search in Western terms. The U.S. is a Third or Fourth world country when it comes to mobile. We have five cellular protocols. The rest of the world is on one. We're idiots."

UPDATE: After the presentation, Janelle Landis of Sendtec told me, "best keynote ever."

Missed the Don? Catch him LIVE on video in the Search Engine Watch members section. Coming soon.

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