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China Limits Video, Audio Podcasts To State Run Sites

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The Chinese government will restrict all video and audio content on sites starting next month, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

"From next month, only state websites will be allowed to carry film or radio programs, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) said," they reported.

In an effort to control video sharing programs, the government makes the operator remove uploaded content.

"The new rules will put many private video providers in China out of business as only websites fully or for the most part in state ownership will be allowed to offer films and other audiovisual products.

It remained immediately unclear, what consequences the regulations would have for international providers such as YouTube, who operate their servers outside China, or the popular China-based website. YouTube has been repeatedly blocked in China in recent months," SMH noted.

With 150 million internet users, China will soon surpass the US as the largest online market. But with the tight restrictions imposed by the government it will be hard for many to develop normal marketing. Though no doubt many will try. How they do will be watched closely.

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