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Selling CEOs on Search Engine Marketing

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What's the biggest mistake any search engine marketer can make? Blowing a presentation to decision-makers. Even with phenomenal results and ROI, a search marketing campaign has little value unless your CEO understands why you're investing millions of dollars online.

Search marketing agency OneUpWeb announced the launch of a new eye tracking service today that builds on the agency's search engine optimization and usability practices.

Selling to the C-suite -- CEOs, CMOs, CTOs -- is one of the toughest jobs for any search marketing agency, consultang or VP of Marketing presenting a strategy for SEM.

Jakob Nielsen, one of the world's leading Web site usability experts, has done extensive work on eye tracking you can see here. Eyetools features studies by agencies (Sendtec) and Yahoo here.

Eye tracking and heat maps aren't magic bullets that will explain SEM tactics used to achieve ROI goals. Heat map and eye tracking pioneers in search marketing like Gord Hotchkiss of search marketing and research firm Enquiro and Lisa Wehr, CEO of OneUpWeb have a competitive advantage in the boardroom.

The Didit Enquiro heat map is used more in search engine marketing sales presos -- by all agencies -- than any other chart or graph.

In search engines, eye tracking heat maps illustrate the value of SEO and paid search. Combined with a click map overlay, a heat map gives companies better insight into the searchers' database of intentions.

That proves the value of search throughout the sales, research, and lead generation funnel.

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