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Google is the Bomb! Obama, McC, Mitt, Hill, Huck, Paul on Super Tuesday

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Google is the bomb on Super Tuesday for election results. Check out the new Google News Elections coverage section and Google Maps. No X-Ray vision superheroes but "primaries.XML?" Google's got it. No man of steel with X-Ray vision, but Google's got "rikanu" in Boston/Cambridge, MA who's "gone voting."


You won't find Obama in 'Bama or Clinton on Capitol Hill but you can watch them on the new Google mashup on "Twittervision." (YouTube is so last year.)

Don't worry old media, Googlers are still tweeting about CNN plasma touch screens and who's got the best big box election coverage.

On Google, though, you can watch your Google Gadget fill in the returns for McC, Mitt, Obama, Hill, Paul, and the rest of the Super Tuesday superheroes.

If all the twittervision tweets on Obama watch parties correlate with exit polls, lots of states will rock with Barack. Looks like he's the Ba-Rocket.

For the Repubs, looks like Mac is back. Mitt? This is it. Paul? That's all, folks.

For complete elections coverage, stay tuned to your favorite Internet channel.

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