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IndexTools is Made Free by Yahoo

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Recently I helped break the news that Yahoo acquired IndexTools. IndexTools has long been one of the industry's best kept secrets. It's a really powerful web analytics application that allows you to do some amazing stuff. Now Dennis Mortensen has let me know that the IndexTools Enterprise Version will be free.

As Dennis puts it, 80% of the functionality of Omniture at no charge. Whoa baby! This is very exciting news for the industry. This move by Yahoo, which should not be a big surprise in light of what Google and Microsoft has already done, will rip the covers off IndexTools as an industry secret, and truly bring it into the limelight.

Look for a lot of people to closely evaulate IndexTools as their analytics solution from this point forward. And don't think that it stops there. You just might see more announcements coming from IndexTools as their integration with Yahoo progresses.

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