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AOL's Platform-A is Top Ad Network for March

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Reaching 9 out of 10 Internet Users, AOL's Platform-A was the top ad network in March, according to comScore. The network includes, Quigo and Tacoda and served ads to 170 million U.S. Internet users in March. alone reached more than 167 million Internet users.

Rounding out the top five were the Yahoo! Network with 160 million, the Google Network with 152 million, Specific Media with 145 million and ValueClick Networks with 140 million. The top 15 ad networks each reached at least half of the total U.S. Internet audience in March.

But niche advertisers are beginning to emerge and delivering the ability to target audiences with precision and reduce wasted ad impressions. Notable niche ad networks include Snap Shots Network with a reach of 18 million, AdOn Network at 16 million, GoFish Networks at 9 million and WidgetBucks Networks, also at 9 million.

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