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GreenDimes & Google Earth Gang Green: Sic Google Transit Gloria Mundi

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Happy Google Earth-A-Palooza Day! As the search engine with the biggest carbon footprint on the planet, Google celebrates Earth Day with more green than a Green Day concert.

But first, GreenDimes of Palo Alto, CA, will help you stop junk mail and earn cold hard cash: $1.00 USD.

Go to GreenDimes, the largest full-service company that removes you from catalog mailing lists and gets rid of junk mail. Fill out the online form, save trees, and earn a dollar. It's that easy. To date, GreenDimes has stopped 3.5 million pounds of waste paper. (Shhhh, don't tell the DMA.)

Google Transit is now available in 9 new cities: San Francisco, CA; Denver, CO; Millwaukee, WI; Ann Arbor and Holland, MI; Kansas City, MO; Framingham and Cape Cod, MA; and the entire state of Rhode Island (RI).

Google Transit in Google Maps allows users to find info on public transportation. Public transit directions appear as an alternative to driving directions. Bus stop, subway and train station icons will do the Googlescape. Google Transist currently provides data for more than 50 agencies in 9 countries, including nearly 40 in the United States.

Web 2.0 start-up Hop-Stop just hit the 1.5 million monthly visitor mark.

To celebrate Earth Day: The Energy Saver gadget for Google Desktop. This gadget enables and optimizes power management settings on PCs, euthanizing them when not in use:

Google SketchUp has launched a new Web site for green design professionals, with a case study from Michelle Kaufmann Designs.

Google for Educators offers recommendations for teachers who want to use Google Earth and Maps to teach about environmental issues in the classroom.

Google's Green Energy Czar, Bill Weihl, rallies the troops and helps others go green on Google's blog. We like to think of Bill as the leader of Google Gang Green.

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