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AOL Seeks Microsoft Deal Before Yahoo Aug 1 Shareholders Meeting

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AOL is feeling the urge to merge and soon. Time Warner is reportedly seeking a deal with Microsoft prior to the fast-approaching August 1 Yahoo shareholders meeting.

The deal would merge AOL with Yahoo's search business, and owned by Microsoft. Time Warner would take a minority stake in the newly formed company. AOL has shifted its focus from dial-up internet service to online advertising.

Previously, Yahoo talked to AOL about a merger in what appeared to be one of many attempts to stave off Microsoft.

AOL's Platform-A was the top online advertising network in the month of March. The network reaches 9 out of 10 internet users, or 170 million people. Yahoo Networks came in second at 160 million, while Google came in third at 152 million.

Seems like Microsoft should acquire AOL with or without Yahoo. Then again, nothing is quite what it seems when it comes to the whole Microhoo debacle is it?

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