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FriendFeed Adds Duplicate Detection! And Twitter Tweaks Interface Design

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Social sites FriendFeed and Twitter have (separately) updated the designs of their interfaces. You won't notice much by going to the homepage not logged in.

But once you're passed the wall, you'll notice a few changes.
Twitter's are largely cosmetic in nature, with the biggest change being moving the tabs for Replies, Direct Messages, etc. to the sidebar. They've also slapped some Ajax on there to just refresh Home or @Replies when you click on them. Thank goodness.

4d7d2896a89dee8a97bb0116691a2a3e329de3bc.pngFriendFeed's new design incorporates a much needed feature: friend lists. Kind of like buddy lists on AOL's Instant Messenger, you can sort the people you've subscribed to Friends, Professional, etc. You can also create your own lists. Another new feature is adding photos directly to FriendFeed.

But the biggest awesomeness of the day is DUPLICATE DETECTION! This makes Friday end on a happy note after such a crappy week on Wall Street. Ok, it doesn't bring your money back or prevent all those financial companies from failing, but it does make FriendFeed that much nicer!

What do you think of the updates? Let it fly in the comments.

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