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Moms See Search as Task-Oriented; Websites as Entertainment

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Moms are now packing more activity into their day, according to a new data released by AOL's Platform-A. A survey of 7,000 women found that the average internet-using mom reports conducting 27 hours of activities during the day.

On average they spend:

  • 2.6 hours on the internet
  • 2.1 hours of television
  • 1.2 hours a day listening to the radio
  • 30 minutes with newspapers, magazines and games

Parenting was the #1 online activity conducted by moms. They use the internet for advice on parenting and as a resource to help their children learn.

Another popular online activity is shopping

  • 79% of those surveyed use the internet for shopping.
  • 52% use the internet to find coupons or sales.

So how do moms feel about search? They associated the words "task-oriented," "focused," and "interested" with search. 71% use the internet to find information.

Websites were described as "entertainment."

Hopefully, your website is entertaining to moms and offers them coupons or sales. Because 86% report being the primary decision maker in their household.

52% will recommend a good brand to others (another reason why social media is so hot!).

And moms like to share media with their children. 95% of moms share at least one form of media with their children at least once a week. Here's what they share.

  • 79% share television
  • 62% share internet
  • 58% share mobile phone
  • 48% share digital camera
  • 38% share email
  • 33% share games

Do moms fit into your target audience? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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