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Mom Bloggers Prove Powerful Resource to Marketing and Branding Success

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A whopping 94% of moms rely on other moms during a purchasing decision. So, it comes as no surprise to learn that mom bloggers can have a powerful impact on your online marketing campaign.

Here's some data from Mom Central Consulting to help let this idea sink in deep into your marketing grey matter:

  • 96% of Moms value recommendations they find on Mom Blogs
  • Over 78% of Mom Bloggers now review products and services
  • More than 60% of Mom Bloggers consider making money important and want more connectivity with companies
  • 37% of Mom Bloggers have been contacted as resources for the press

Woah! Did you see that last number? Kind of small considering how powerful moms are. There's clearly an opportunity for you to go in there and snag some good mom blog coverage.

Need tips on how to approach bloggers? (Hint: It's not like pitching a journalist)

  • Send them a friendly, personalized email. Do not mass email.
  • Ask permission to send them a sample of your product or free trial of your service. Do not send unsolicited!
  • Offer them something to give away to their readers
  • Be accessible to answer questions
  • Be cordial even when you get a bad review. It's ok to comment and defend your product (politely!). But it's even better to take their criticism to heart and make your product or service better.

What are your tips for approaching mom bloggers? Any success stories? Share your success in the comments!

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