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New Engine Ready Tool Aids Landing Page Creation

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Search Engine Watch has written much about the need for landing page testing, but how do you know what to test in the first place? A new tool from San Diego-based search marketing agency Engine Ready helps you design the very pages you need to test.

The tool is dubbed Conversion Critic and the great news is that it's FREE.

Engine Ready Vice President Brian Lewis (who I met at SES Chicago) walked me through a demo of the tool last week.

After you sign in, you'll see the start page. Simply type in the URL for the landing page you want to examine and then press the Start button.


The next page will bring up your page inside a frame - with a drag-enabled box that asks you questions about your page.


There are 37 questions across 4 categories, with a super-easy acronym to remember:

M - Market effectiveness
O - Offer clarity
R - Readability
E - Engagement

Once you've answered the questions, Conversion Critic returns a chart reflecting your answers. From that you can determine areas of the landing page you need to work on and see your strengths.


Lewis said most people of their users score highest on Readability. Of course, it's all subjective, so that's where you'll want the testing to come into play.

If for whatever reason you can't test, at least get another pair of eyeballs to use Conversion Critic to see if they view the page the same as you do. Perhaps the Readability is strong for you but not someone else. These are things you want to know, and Conversion Critic can help you do that.

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