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Yahoo! Tops March 2009 Mobile Benchmark Study by Gomez and dotMobi

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Gomez and dotMobi have collaborated on mobile benchmarks, and for the mobile search category, Yahoo! snagged first place overall in March 2009.

There were five categories used to measure. Yahoo! tied for first place in two of them: discoverability and readability. Here's the five categories and how they're measured:

  • Discoverability -- how readily a consumer can find the mobile Web site using different URLs.
  • Readiness -- how well the mobile Web site renders on popular mobile devices.
  • Availability -- the percentage of successful transactions or the availability of a Web page.
  • Response time -- how long each page takes to download and the duration of an entire transaction.
  • Consistency -- how well the mobile Web site performs on different mobile carriers, in different geographies and time frames.

Here are the results:


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