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Twitter's Glass Ceilings and Its 90/10 Problem

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New Twitter stats from the Harvard Business School reveal interesting demographics surrounding the popular social chat network. Unlike other social networks, it's very male-centric and it's more like Wikipedia than Facebook. Let's dive into the data.

Men are more likely to follow men and have reciprocal relationships. Women are also more likely to follow men, despite women making up the majority of Twitter users at 55%.

Men also have 15% more followers than women.

It's the exact opposite on other social networking sites. Generally, both men and women are more likely to follow content produced by women.

But it's the top Twitterers who really tempt the Fail Whale. 90% of Tweets are written by 10% of the most prolific Twitterers. About half of Twitter users are tweeting just once every 74 days.

In most social networks, 10% of the top content producers account for 30% of all content produced.

Twitter is more like Wikipedia, whose top 15% contributors produce 90% of the content. The study's authors, Bill Heil and Mikolaj Piskorski, suggest that Twitter is a one-to-many conversation tool like Wikipedia rather than it is a peer-to-peer social network.

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