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BingTweets Mashes Up Trending Tweets with Search Results (UPDATE)

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UPDATE: BingTweets was showing old trending topics earlier, but as has been noted in the comments, that has been fixed and now is current.

Ever noticed a trending topic on Twitter and then headed to a search engine to learn more? A new site from the Bing team makes that process even easier.

BingTweets is a new site that pulls in trending topics on Twitter and offers Bing search results right on the same page. BingTweets is not found at but rather has its own standalone site at

When you click on one of the topics, search results are automatically and immediately triggered with no extra clicks.

However, there's one issue and it's a biggie: The topics seem to be delayed. Under the popular right now tab, Wimbledon was trending despite the finals being almost 10 days ago. Wimbledon is no longer trending on Twitter.

BingTweets trending topics July 14, 2009


Twitter trending topics July 14, 2009


Overall, though the UI is nice.


Another thing I would adjust is the Twitter stream down the left side. When I selected "Andy Murray," the Tweet stream brought up Tweets that had the word murray but not andy. If I'm interested in Tweets about Andy Murray, then Tweets about Bill Murray are largely irrelevant.

What do you think about BingTweets? Give us your first impressions in the comments below.

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