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Tweetblocker - Blocked!

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Folks, the next time you come up with a great new Twitter tool and you want to get the word out to all of the world, you might want to consider if you're website is capable of handling the GARGANTUAN amount of traffic it might receive from eager to try first timers!

Case in point: Tweetblocker

A story recently published in Mashable let the caboose out early on this one and try logging on to and...well, good luck. It's hit or miss (at present). Tweetblocker is a free tool for Twitter users and application developers. Using advanced filtering, the app catalogs and rank the top spammers on Twitter, allowing users to easily identify spammers in the group of users they are following.

I'd love to tell you more about it but I can't access it given the mad Twitter rush to the site. In the meantime, you might consider This cool app eliminates those followers of yours who haven't tweeted in a set period of time. Try going back 30 days and see how many of your followers haven't tweeted. If this perturbs you any, then untweep them and presto, they no longer are following you.

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