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It's So On: Facebook Rolls Out Live Feed Search to All Users, Includes Real-Time Updates

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Just hours after announcing its acquisition of FriendFeed, Facebook came out with more big news: it's rolling out its new search to all users.

Now, you'll be able to search the live feeds of your friends and everyone. Of course, everyone only includes those who allow their updates to be visible to the public.

Also, since the search is rolling out, some users will have access to it sooner than others. Expect this to resolve within a few days.

Like the newly acquired FriendFeed and Twitter-the-competitor, one of the best features about this is real-time updates of search results. If you're viewing the results and a new update is relevant to your search, Facebook will let you know. (This already happens when you're viewing your live feed and your friends update their statuses.)

Two things I don't like: (1) the UI and (2) the fact that when you conduct a new search, you have to select "friends" or "everyone" again to search the live feed - even if you were already looking at live feed results.

Check out this search for Flavia Pennetta, an Italian tennis player who won the LA Women's Championship this past Sunday:


This is truly significant because now people can start using hashtags with Facebook just like they do on Twitter. I think search has been one of the driving forces behind Twitter, but Facebook has a much larger user base. Plus, Facebook didn't completely go down during the DoS attacks last week.

Some are even saying that the new search war is Google v. Facebook. Josh Catone over at Mashable is pointing out what Google has to lose, despite its massive strength.

What do you think of the new Facebook search? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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