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Web Marketing Today Celebrates its 15th Birthday

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If "Internet years" are anything like "dog years," then celebrating your 15th anniversary is like celebrating your 105 birthday. Can you remember what the world wide web was like in 1994?

That was the year that Netscape Navigator was launched. That was also the year that Dr. Ralph Wilson, Editor, launched Web Marketing Today.

Bryan Eisenberg, recognized authority and pioneer in online marketing and ClickZ's ROI Marketing columnist, says, "Ralph Wilson's newsletter was one of the first that I signed up for when I started in this industry and I still read it today. I would not be where I am today, and as respected as I am today, without his initial guidance. This newsletter is a must-read. Dr. Wilson really cuts through the clutter."

Jim Sterne, Founder of Web Marketing Association (WMA) and director of the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, recently interviewed Dr. Wilson at SES San Jose 2009.

Jim Sterne Interviews Dr. Ralph Wilson of Web Marketing Today

To mark the 15th anniversary, anyone who subscribes to the Web Marketing Today newsletter receives six e-books/whitepapers that cover the basics of Internet marketing -- a $50 value. This includes his most requested item: "The Web Marketing Checklist -- 37 Ways to Promote Your Website."

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