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17 Google Updates We Ran Out of Time For

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This was one of those weeks where Google unleashed a google of updates. Try as we might, sometimes we just run out of time at the end of the week. So, occasionally, we have to compile a list of the leftovers at the end of the week. Here's what we haven't yet covered that you'll still want to know:

Google Retail told us that consumers are increasingly shopping online on the weekends - yes, even during the holidays (avoiding the crowds?). They also unveiled hot holiday searches and Cyber Monday's hot search trends.

Google's Search Options panel on its main search got a new addition in "Translated search." Now, you can search pages in a different language and have it translated into your own.

Google Dictionary ditched for its own in-house product.

Google Maps now syncs your starred items with your mobile and desktop devices.

Google Earth and Maps got new imagery and Street View imagery.

Google Earth added six new cities to Building Maker and launched the Model Your Town competition.

YouTube unveiled "Feather" into its version of Labs - TestTube - as a way of watching videos without all that annoying buffering stopage. They also added 8 short films to the Screening Room.

Google Friend Connect added the ability to sign in with your Twitter account.

Google Finance is now streaming news.

Google Adsense expanded category filtering to include French, German, and Spanish ads. They've also created a Product Ideas page, which is open for the next two weeks for your suggestions.

Google Checkout launched a wizard feature to streamline the process of creating a store gadget.

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