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Dockers free pants Super Bowl ad tops Hot Searches on Google Trends

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If you look at Hot Searches in Google Trends for Feb. 7, 2010, "dockers free pants" ranks #1, "" ranks #2, "dockers super bowl ad" ranks #10, and "" ranks #14.


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So, who do you think won Super Bowl 2010?

Yes, yes, I know what the headlines on the sports pages say. But "Saints win Super Bowl" only ranks #19 in today's Hot Searches. Ranking #4 is "top super bowl commercials 2010" and ranked #12 is "usa today superbowl ad meter."

And still ranked at the top of the charts -- the morning after the big game -- were "dockers free pants" at #1 and "" at #2.

So, I declare the winner of Super Bowl 2010 is ... "Men Without Pants."

The Men Without Pants ad makes a statement about modern masculinity, or lack thereof. The anti-anthem commercial dramatizes the ridiculous behavior of a group of men not wearing pants. These proud but childish men march through a field with purpose while singing "I Wear No Pants" and are interrupted with a notice to mankind: Calling all Men - its time to Wear the Pants. The takeaway of the ad is that men might see a glimmer of themselves in the pant-less parade and make the decision to Wear the Pants, both literally and figuratively.

Now, " 2010 Big Game Commercial - Casual Friday :30" also featured people without pants. And "THE JOURNEY TO COMFORT" from Dove Men+Care also featured the "because you're a man" theme.

But, the chance to win khakis sacked those Super Bowl commercials. Dockers, you da man -- even if you do put your pants on one leg at a time.

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