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DiggAds Off to a Good Start

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After severing ties with Microsoft on the ad front, the new in-house system appears to be paying off.

Last year, Digg decided to go in-house with its ads and began rolling out its new ad platform last summer. This week, Bob Buch took to the Digg blog to give an update on how things were going with DiggAds.

Buch said that revenues are great and that advertisers are pleased with the results. For example, Paramount saw great results promoting the low-budget scare flick Paranormal Activity using DiggAds.

Digg users for the most part seemed pleased. They've requested the ability to comment on ads and Digg has listened - that feature is in the works.

Digg is still hashing out a few issues, though. One is when users see an ad after they've buried it (an action taken so as not to view an ad again). What users are seeing is actually a variation of an ad, but this doesn't seem to be sitting well with the Digg community.

Another issue is why an ad has a high Digg count. If an ad has been on the site for awhile, it could get a high count. Or a high count could be gained in a few hours for a very popular ad. Digg is working on creating more transparency on the ad counts.

Have you tried out DiggAds? What are your impressions? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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