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Yahoo Turned 15 Today

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Yahoo was born 15 years ago - seems longer but then internet years are sort of like dog years.

The company incorporated March 1, 1995. Jerry Yang and David Filo posted about their start:

"We've had the unique opportunity to help create an industry and shape the online world, and will continue to focus on the values that brought us here --working hard, having fun, being passionate about your ideas, believing in each other, and always trying to invent the future. And as we celebrate 15 years today, we are even more excited than ever about what lies ahead, and the potential of Yahoo! and the Internet.

Of course, we didn't set out to start one of the world's largest Internet companies or be leading a movement that has changed the world. We were just a couple of Stanford graduate students doing our research (supposedly) while our professor was on sabbatical."

If you had bought in at the opening $24.50 back then and kept the stock through the 5 splits you would have 24 shares for each initial one. So you would have $377.52 as of close of trading today - given the current value of $15.73. Interestingly this would be a little over 15 times your initial investment.


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