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Just When You Thought it was Safe to Ignore Click Fraud

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This just in, or as they say in the UK, Stop Press: Jack Marshall of ClickZ reports that former deputy Prime Minister and member of the U.K. Labour Party, John Prescott, is encouraging supporters to click on Google pay-per-click ads sponsored by the Conservative Party, in order to diminish the campaign budget of Labour's major political rivals.

Now, according to Google Insights for Search, interest in click fraud peaked in 2006. But it was still being discussed at Search Engine Strategies San Jose in 2008.

That's when Byron Gordon of SEO-PR interviewed Richard Zwicky of Enquisite, about click fraud. Let's tune in to those thrilling days of yesteryear.

Richard Zwicky, Enquisite, discusses click fraud

But wait! There's more!

Gordon also interviewed Erin Sheedy-Owen, Yahoo, about click fraud at SES San Jose 2008. Check it out.

Erin Sheedy-Owen, Yahoo, discusses click fraud

But the issue seemed to fade away. Now, click fraud has resurfaced in the British elections. Who knows, maybe the UK Labour Party can spin this as a demonstration of its commitment to recycling.

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