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UK Election 2010: Labour Party Unveils 'The Road Ahead' and Animated Manifesto Films

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In the past two days, the UK Labour Party has uploaded several videos to its YouTube channel that are a departure from what we've seen to date. One is "The Road Ahead," which is featured on the homepage of its website. The other is the Labour Party's 2010 animated manifesto films.

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In "The Road Ahead," Labour says, "Britain is at a crossroads." Uploaded on April 11, it now has 30,749 views.

The most popular video in the animated manifesto films series is "Labour Manifesto 2010: A future fair for all." Also uploaded on April 11, it now has 27,722 views.

In a guest post today, Mark Hanson spelled out Labour's View: Social Media and the New World of U.K. Political Campaigns. He writes, "Labour started all the heavy-lifting on this back in the summer of 2008, which was when some key figures spent time in the U.S. with the Obama campaign getting to grips with what actually worked."

He adds, "We're operating in a new world with some of this stuff -- it's both scary and exciting, but, so far, it's working. We'll learn so much as we go and I'll try and share as much of that as I can over the next few weeks!"

Based on the videos above, Labour's YouTube campaign bears watching.

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