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UK Election 2010: YouTube Facebook Digital Debate Results

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As expected, the results of the YouTube Facebook Digital Debate were posted today. The response was amazing -- over 5,000 questions submitted and more than 180,000 votes on the questions.


Ten of the most popular questions from across five categories -- Economy, Foreign Policy, Law & Order, Health and Education, and Miscellaneous -- were submitted to the party leaders. Their video answers were recorded and then uploaded.

For example, ChuckE, Woking, Surrey, asked, "78% of the voting population didn't vote for the government in the 2005 election, yet the government won a majority of seats and a "mandate" to govern. What do you plan to do to change this unrepresentative system and restore trust in the process?"

Here is Gordon Brown's answer:

Gordon Brown on the voting system

Here is David Cameron's answer:

David Cameron on the voting system

And here's Nick Clegg's answer:

Nick Clegg on the voting system

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