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BlogWire Launches Beta Of Community and Services

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BlogWire has launched the public beta version of Yes, obviously, the new community is designed to help the PR and marketers industries promote their news and products to bloggers who write on health/healthy/green living topics.

What BlogWire does it to distribute its customers' press announcements via a community website, weekly newsletter, Twitter and Facebook "to maximize exposure for announcements with targeted communities of bloggers".

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At inception, HealthyBlogging's community count stood at 250 bloggers and now at the time of the public beta launch it already has garnered over 750 bloggers.

Smart Move
HealthyBlogging is a smart move into a blossoming segment as marketers have yet to adopt and harness social media in that field.

As ClikZ's Joan Voigt reported, sharing health tips and experiences over the web has become a prime source of information as people tend to more and more seek advice from their peers and sometimes from brands. "Online health communities give people what they can't get from experts: support, personal experiences, and direct answers from other people. But while patients seem to easily gravitate to DIY health education, marketers have been less enthusiastic," Voigt said.

Opportunity For Brands, Consumers... And The Medical Community At Large
HealthyBlogging is likely to attract brands fast to help them get their messages across and products tested - or even adopted by end-users, i.e. consumers.

Moreover, the community will also offer unprecedented data collection for the medical sector as to the effectiveness of such or such drug. It will provide them with the possibility to compare readily available information on treatments or symptoms they are not sufficiently documented about.

Who knows, organic referral rates might pick up thanks to the new community?

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