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Three's Company, 30's a Crowd at SES San Francisco and Connected Marketing Week

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If you scour the rates and registration details for SES San Francisco, you'll find something that I haven't seen before. There's group pricing for 4-6 passes, 7-9 passes, 10-19 passes, 20-29 passes, and 30+ passes.

And over on the page about pricing for Connected Marketing Week, you'll find that special pricing is available for groups of 4 or more. Hey, I'm not making this up.

So, are people seriously planning to attend these events by the carload and busload?

You betcha.

In fact, Jeff Sponseller and Dominic Golembiewski of Miller Weldmaster brought 4 people to SES Chicago 2009. Here's what they had to say:

SES testimonials by Jeff Sponseller and Dominic Golembiewski of Miller Weldmaster

And at SES Toronto 2008, I interviewed Darby Sieben, Director of Online Services for the Yellow Pages Group, which sent over 80 people to the conference and expo.

Yellow Pages' Darby Sieben at SES Toronto 2008

So, bringing the whole team is one way to ensure that you get the most out of the more than 200 sessions at the the first ever Connected Marketing festival.

Of course, you can also come by yourself. And if you Wear Your Cross Training Shoes to Connected Marketing Week, you can cover up to 20 percent of the sessions.

It's your choice. I just wanted you to be aware of your options.

Oh, and if you register before Friday, July 30, you can still get the Early Bird discount for SES San Francisco or the Early Bird Rate for Connected Marketing Week.

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