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Maile Ohye Discusses Optimizing Sites for Google TV at SES Chicago 2010

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Maile Ohye, Developer Programs Tech Lead at Google, was the keynote speaker this morning at SES Chicago 2010. She discussed lots of issues, but she lead with new news: You should begin optimizing sites for TV -- including Google TV.

Mike Grehan and Maile Ohye at SES Chicago 2010.jpg
Mike Grehan interviews Maile Ohye at SES Chicago 2010

Last night, Ohye posted some tips on the Official Google Webmaster Central Blog. For example, for the user sitting on their couch, your site on their TV is an even more enjoyable experience:

  • Text is large enough to be viewable from the sofa-to-TV distance.

  • Site navigation can be performed through button arrows on the remote (a D-pad), rather than mouse/touchpad usage

  • Selectable elements provide a visual queue when selected (when you're 10 feet away, it needs to be really, really obvious what selections are highlighted)

And if you don't want to read all of her tips, then watch the YouTube video below -- on what's called the "10-foot UI" (user interface).

Introducing GoogleTV and optimizing sites for TV at SES Chicago 2010

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