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RIP: AdWords Report Center

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If you spend any amount of time in Google AdWords, you've probably noticed that your report options have slowly been dissappearing from the Report Center. In fact, your options for creating reports probably looks a lot like this:


If you're anything like me, all that grey has been making you see a little red. In fact, the only real reason that the AdWords Report Center currently exists at all is for all those legacy report templates that you scheduled to email out. Well never fear- Google's getting rid of those too!

Yesterday the Big G (Google, not yours truly) announced that the days are numbered indeed for my trusty old friend.

From the Inside Adwords blog:

If you're currently downloading reports from the Campaigns tab, you've already adjusted to the bulk of the changes, and you'll find that each of your scheduled reports have been copied to the Control Panel & Library. We'll delete any old versions of scheduled reports from the Reports tab, and stop sending the emails associated with them, by early November. Shortly thereafter, we'll remove the Report Center entirely.

If you haven't started running reports directly from the Campaigns tab, I highly recommend you spend some time and familiarize yourself with the new reporting methods. Don't forget about the new (and by default, hidden) Dimensions Tab that you'll need to get to some of the juicy stuff.


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