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Google Groups Gets a Facelift

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The Google Apps team announced announced a redesign of Google Groups. If you're an avid user of Google Groups, you'll find the link to preview the new interface on the main Groups page. The new interface features a more streamlined look and feel as compared to other Google products. More importantly, the redesign includes complete compatibility with mobile browsers.

Going back the the company's roots, the announcement totes letting users "quickly find and browse the content you care about." Searching, however, seems to search posts all groups, not just the groups to which I subscribe.

Other interface features, however, include starred conversations - favorites, if you will. Conversations or groups can be dragged and dropped into a favorites area in an ever-present, navigation bar. The nav bar also sports a customary button to hide it, similar to the interface in Google maps.

The content area offers "rich, expressive" content that very much resembles the Gmail interface. Threads can be followed in collapsible bubbles, also similar to Gmail. If you don't want to read all the posts in a topic, tabs above the content allow you to view an overview of the topics, links and other data in the cumulative posts of a thread.

The convergence of the design brings Groups out of the old and back into the folds of the Google family and sets up another product in the Apps suite to make yet another push for their branded collaborative business tools.

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