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Blekko Reports 30 Million Queries in January

Danny Goodwin
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Thirty million search queries were conducted on Blekko in January, and its team of human editors has helped create 110,000 slashtags, the company announced today.

One of Blekko's missions was to rid its results of spam. In January, Blekko introduced the spam clock to call attention to the fact that 1 million new spam pages are created every hour.

In a bold move, Blekko last week announced that it would remove 20 low-quality sites (as determined by its users), including eHow and, from its search results. The company even says that list will grow as necessary.

But it's not all spam. Blekko has also partnered with DuckDuckGo on search results and integrated Facebook 'Like' data.


Also, Blekko has launched an iPhone and Android app that offers many of the engine's desktop features, such as the ability to sort by date, view SEO info, and mark results as spam. The app is free and can be downloaded from iTunes or the Android Market.

Blekko launched in November. For an overview of how Blekko's searching using slashtags works, check out "Don't Know What to Make of Blekko? Overview & 2 SEO Ninja Tactics."

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