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World's First Hotel Room Search Engine Launched

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We have seen recipe, real estate, books, prices, and job specific search engines, but never one specifically for hotel rooms. Yesterday, Room 77 unveiled a search engine that does just that.

One of the biggest pet-peeves of booking a hotel room online is not being able to secure a specific room. If the booking script allows comment, well maybe you can get that sea-side room, but unless you can actually confirm it, you can not be sure you will get an ocean view room.

Room 77's aim was to change exactly that by creating the hotel room search engine. By setting preferences, a traveler can set specific filters for, distance from the elevator, what floor the room is on, connecting rooms, and of course, the view. They have the ability to simulate views from certain hotel rooms using Google Earth technology.

Another neat feature is you could download the iPhone app and look at the view of the room when you are registering at the front desk.

Room 77 has a long way to go though with only 425,000 hotel rooms in 16 cities in their database, they have many more sleepless nights ahead.

With the popularity of personalized results, this search engine might actually have a shot at succeeding but that all depends on how quickly they can build up the amount of hotels and cities in the results.

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