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Search Engine Reviews Chart - Remainder 1997

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PC Magazine 12/97

Comprehensive review of major search engines. EC notes the Editors' Choice. Number indicates how many total stars each service earned in the query trials, which tested for relevancy of results for simple, complex and news queries; dead links and duplicate pages.

Internet World 12/97

Brief review of six search engines. AltaVista earned Best of the Test and thus is ranked 1. Others were mentioned with AltaVista as alternate choices, ranked in order of strength of the recommendation. Those not mentioned are ranked fifth.

PC Computing 1997 MVP Awards

1 notes the winner; 2 notes the finalists.

Network World Fusion 10/97

Brief review of four search engines, with search engines listed in order of preference at the end Number shows the rank each received, 1 being best.

Kiplinger 9/97

Brief review of four search engines, with a target rating for each. Four targets was best.

Family PC 9/97

Reviewed major search engines in the Sept. 97 issues. Each service was given an overall score, with 100 being best.

Internet World 9/97

Scores weren't given, but the top three search engines were named. These are marked 1, 2 and 3. Others reviewed but not winning top marks are shown with 4.

PC Computing 9/97

Reviewed AltaVista, Excite, Infoseek and HotBot for the Sept. 97 issue. Five stars was excellent, 4 stars good, 3 stars acceptable.

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