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Inktomi Changes Descriptions

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Inktomi says that it has recently changed how it forms page descriptions, so that the following path is followed:

If a page is listed in LookSmart, then its LookSmart title and description are used.

If a page is not listed in LookSmart, then Inktomi looks to see if it is listed in the Open Directory. If it is, then the Open Directory title and description are used.

If a page is not listed in either LookSmart or the Open Directory, then Inktomi will form the page description based on content on the page itself. This means it will use the description in a meta description tag, if one is provided. If there is no meta description tag, then Inktomi will use the first 200 characters or so of text that it finds on the web page.

There is one notable exception to the above. Any pages submitted through the paid inclusion program will only have descriptions formed from the page content itself. In other words, the LookSmart and Open Directory descriptions will not be used. Inktomi says this has been done because most of those who pay for inclusion prefer to have their own crafted titles and descriptions shown.


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